Monday, May 23, 2011

Victor Musical Masterpiece 78 Sets: A Numerical Listing

I'm back, folks!  I certainly didn't mean to let this much time elapse since my last posting, but I assure you I have been far from idle.  I have merely been working on a companion for the Columbia numerical listing of the last post, and here it is.  This is a similar listing of all Victor Musical Masterpiece sets from its inception in 1927 to its demise in 1951 (actually it was merely transferred to 45 rpm, and then to LP, but that is beyond the scope of this listing), as before downloadable as a PDF document.  There are quite a few gaps in the sequence, especially in the M-900s and the DM-1400s, so anyone with information on those entries which I have had to mark "unknown" is invited to come forward.  Meanwhile, here's the link to this work-in-progress:

Link (PDF file, 624 KB)

Postscript: Someone did very kindly come forward, and so, as of March 5. 2012, the file has been updated with the new information that has been made available to me.


  1. Bryan,
    These listings are really great and really useful, thanks! I am somewhat bewildered by the scope of it and you have my admiration for assembling them. After studying them I will let you know if I can fill any gaps. Thanks again. I did not want to leave your good deed upappreciated!

  2. Hello,
    My name is Joyce and I recently acquired a pretty decent record collection. I am in the process of doing research as I knew nothing about records when I got them. In the collection is the [Boston "Pops" Encores] Victor Musical Masterpiece. It is numbered M968 and I saw that your note section is blank on your massive pdf is blank. If you would like to know anything just let me know. Thanks for all your hard work!

  3. Ell I have masterpiece series M-98 it complete in excellent condition. I'm looking to find some one that wood enjoy it

  4. I have the masterpiece series DM-54; Verdi - Aida, Volumes I&II. Can anyone tell me what I should sell them for?

  5. Bryan, Just browsing your fine Victor M set discog. Re VM108, a
    Stokowski discog by Enno Riekena gives nos. 1510-16, rec 3 April 1931. Music & Arts issued it in a 4-CD Stoky anthology a few years
    ago, notes say it was unissued.

    Mike in Plovdiv

  6. Hi,
    I have the below by Fritz Kreisler

    Beethoven’s Concerto in D Major, Op. 61, for Violin and Orchestra, performed by The London Philharmonic Orchestra (1936)
    I have the hard Cardboard set with all six 78 rpm records included. These have been played very little if at all.I cannot detect any scratches but there is a little dust on some of the records.The binding and condition of the jacked is Near Mint, just looks like some "storage Issues" might be prevelent.I was wondering what value could be applied to this set?
    I would appreciate any help that you might provide.
    Thank you
    I have some pictures if it would help but I can't seem to find an attachment option in this forum.

  7. I have a collection of between 10-15 of these recordings - all classical in mint condition. In the cardboard cover, complete sets, some with original notes. Who would be the best person, or if not who, where could I find out the value of these? Thank you.

  8. I have a Canadian-issued version of your album M-865 titled "DM-865". I presume that too was a 1940 re-issue?