Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 4 (Ormandy)

Cover design by Alex Steinweiss
The Ormandy series continues with what Columbia proudly hailed in its liner notes for this set as "the first recording of a Tchaikovsky symphony that Eugene Ormandy and The Philadelphia Orchestra have made for Columbia Masterworks" - the Fourth.  (Of course, they had already recorded the Fifth and Sixth - but that was for Victor.)  This is the first of four recordings the Fabulous Philadelphians were to make of Tchaikovsky's "Fate" symphony (the others were in 1953, 1963 and 1973):

Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 4 in F Minor, Op. 36
Philadelphia Orchestra conducted by Eugene Ormandy
Recorded December 3-4, 1947
Columbia Masterworks set MM-736, five 78-rpm records
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  2. Same here. Been trying to download the Maggie Teyte with the same lack of success.

  3. Same here. Been trying to download the Maggie Teyte with the same lack of success.

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  5. Well, this is discouraging news. I hope it's only temporary, because FileFactory has been talking a lot lately about "changes" and a "revamped account section."

    Meanwhile, I've put both the Teyte and Tchaikovsky up on Hotfile:

    The recordings can also be heard at my YouTube channel (shellackophile).