Monday, March 7, 2011

A Gallery of Steinweiss Covers, Part 2

For my next installment of Columbia Masterworks album covers by Steinweiss, I present six covers from late 1945-early 1946.  Here are the first two, MM-589 and MM-591:
This cover for the Ormandy Beethoven Ninth (MM-591) is one of two unique Steinweiss designs for the same set.  The other, which I possessed many years ago but no longer do, showed four hands - one white, one black, one red and one yellow - coming from each side of the cover at right angles to touch a globe in the center, all on a light blue background.  This graphic illustration of "alle Menschen werden Brüder" must have been controversial at the time, and may have been replaced by the above, more innocuous cover; however, I have no way of knowing which design actually came first.  To continue with two more covers (MM-596 and MM-604):
MM-604, incidentally, was Issac Stern's debut recording.  To continue, with MM-608 and MM-570:
Though the Ormandy "New World" with its album number of MM-570 would appear to be out of sequence here, it actually was issued after the Franck Symphony, whose individual record numbers are 12312-D through 12317-D, while the Dvorak's are 12328-D through 12332-D.

To be continued....


  1. Very stylish covers! Makes one wish that CDs were in 12" format.

  2. Thank you! Really marvelous, with relaxing smooth colors and a taste which is hard to find nowadays. I have appreciated some of these performances and I am glad to see the appearance of their original 78s set.

  3. Is the designer of these albums jackets credited anywhere? I'm curious as to whom was responsible for these excellent designs!